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Why buy locally grown flowers?

Imported cut flowers make up 80% of florists bouquets, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, and by the time they reach you they've typically traveled thousands of miles, have been sprayed with chemicals, and are days old. By choosing local flowers you are consciously shrinking your carbon footprint and supporting a local farm and the resurging American-grown flower movement.

American-grown cut flowers made up 64 percent of the nation's flower sales in 1991. It was that year the United States entered the Andean Trade Preference Agreement, which eliminated tariffs on products from South America. One of the pact's goals was to entice South American farmers to grow cut flowers instead of coca, which was being turned into cocaine. The United States was soon flooded with cheap, duty-free flowers, drowning out the country's flower farmers. 

In the past several years, local flower farming has experienced a renaissance, with thousands of small flower farmers joining the field-to-vase movement. Everberry Farm and Flora is proud to be part of that movement, beautifying our land with sustainable farming practices and bringing you fresh, seasonal, organic flowers.